Mixed Reality

Mixed reality is where the use of augmented reality, merges the real and virtual worlds to produce a new visualisation platform where digital objects co-exist with real objects in real time.

The use of augmented reality has enlivened print media to the point where it is now becoming a strong part of the media-mix for marketing and communications.

Engagement with the brand increases awareness and prompts more sales, when used correctly, as it places virtual product information directly in front of the customer with strong visuals and fast routes to purchase.

Adding AR to physical products provides new channels to deliver key information, and it doesn't all have to be about marketing.

We have added AR to goods as user guides and demonstrated how this information speeds up the learning process, and ultimately user satisfaction.

Key clients

Tate - AR enabled book and app to add digital elements to narrative.

British American Tobacco - Product user guide for European based marketing exercise.

Jersey Tourism - National press ads across all Sunday UK newspapers.

GSMA - AR enabled book to add links to PDF's, email requests and social media.

British Airways - Banner to promote arrival of BA's first A380 at BA HQ.

JTI - Print promotion for Sobranie Arts.