AR Smart-Glasses

We create immersive experiences for use on augmented reality enabled smart-glasses, making sales presentations more impressive and product maintenance easier.

As an interface, they place the digital world where it needs to be - in front of our eyes - without having to hold up a phone or tablet which essentially frees up our hands.

We continue to research and test smart-glasses, looking optimistically to a future where humans are able to see augmented worlds, untethered from power sources with natural gestures to interact with the digital content.

In the meantime, we enjoy seeing the way smart-glasses provide new and exciting methods to streamline maintenance procedures, overlay instructions and help visualise digital content.

Key clients

HP - Server maintenance using Epson Moverio.

British American Tobacco - Sales app for promoting new products via a visually stunning presentation.

BAE Systems - Proof-of-concept (confidential).