Hewlett Packard AR assisted maintenance

HP commissioned Media Grand to develop their AR assisted product maintenance application for use with Epson Moverio smart-glasses.

The apps were developed to provide step-by-step instructions to assist with basic maintenance procedures on an LTO Tape Drive and DL380P Gen8 Server.

Utilising AR to overlay visual identifiers helps to immediately see where to place your hands, what to press, turn or pinch, or where to place a tool and the direction it needs to be turned or pushed.

Backed up with audio to provide additional instruction, even complicated tasks can be made simpler, and identifying typically complicated components is faster and less prone to accidental removal which could be a costly mistake to make.

The fact that anyone without any training can carry out maintenance on sophisticated electronics means that product manuals, and even guided videos that currently provide instruction may one day become a thing of the past.

Project details

Product maintenance using smart-glasses makes even complex tasks easy with AR overlays and audible instruction. This proof-of-concept highlighted the potential of using AR for lesser skilled workers to carry out complex maintenance tasks, quickly and safely.

  • Client Hewlett Packard
  • Date Dec 2014
  • Tracking 3D Object, Smart-Glasses

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