Media Grand are a leading future technology company specialising in the creation of immersive augmented reality experiences.

We have focussed solely on augmented reality since 2009, creating countless experiences across a broad array of business sectors.

Our expertise is in knowing the best solution to match your experience, and how to deliver quickly and cost effectively.

Media Grand's founder, Paul Lewis, and Reality Technologist comes from an award winning background in digital media of over 20 years.

"Media Grand was founded in a time when augmented reality was a solution looking for a problem.

We are delighted to hear that six years later, AR has emerged as one of the fastest growing technology sectors, with interest from Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft securing its future.

As early adopters, we have seen the rapid growth in both software and hardware, which has enabled more businesses to discover the potential of AR.

We are now creating more advanced AR experiences than ever before, pushing both software and hardware to the limits.

Our future is continuing to build relationships with clients and collaborators, testing and innovating, and looking at how advances in new hardware such as smart-glasses, beacons and RGBD cameras will affect AR in ways yet to be realised.

We continue to develop our own AR solutions that will show very different use cases that aren't immediately obvious.

AR is a disruptive technology, a new paradigm in digital media visualisation and consumption, and we count ourselves lucky to be at the forefront of what promises to be very exciting times.

Media Grand are available for consultancy, client work and collaborations, so if you have a project in mind, get in touch to see how we can bring it to life.

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