Augmented Reality enhances people's lives, experiences and relationships to the world around them.

The world is the background and playing field for new experiences to unfold. The only limits are the boundaries of the human imagination.


Media Grand are the UK’s leading augmented reality development agency, supporting local and global businesses since 2009.


Have a project in mind? Let’s make it a reality.


Mixed Reality

Mixed reality is where the use of augmented reality merges the real and virtual worlds, producing a new visualisation platform where digital objects co-exist with real objects in real time.

Our work with mixed reality has added a new dimension to print based media, physical objects and even buildings.

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Integrated Solutions

If your AR app requires dynamic content, as often is the case, then you will need a content management solution to suit your requirements.

We develop bespoke integrated solutions that provide security, flexibility and scalability without breaking the bank.

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AR Smart-Glasses

Our work on AR assisted product maintenance for smart-glasses, proves it can save time, reduce the risk of error and effectively lower costs.

We use smart-glasses to create powerful product demonstrations, that increase client/customer engagement and promote sales.

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Whether you sell physical products or services, AR can help promote your activities and engage delegates at exhibitions and trade shows.

Our work within the exhibition space shows engaged delegates, continued reuse of custom apps, data capture and brand building.

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Our apps have helped promote events, provided valuable visitor information and have even been incorporated into events.

Games, trails, collecting and sharing are just some of the ways we have used AR to add a digital layer.

We are brimming with exciting ways to bring your event to life with AR.

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Proof of Concept

Prototyping new concepts in AR is where we are happiest, as we get to create world firsts' that could one day become the de facto standard to visualise and consume digital information through AR.

We are proud to have worked on numerous PoC's with amazing clients.

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We have focussed solely on augmented reality since 2009, creating countless experiences across a broad array of business sectors.

Our expertise is in knowing the best solution to match your experience, and how to deliver it quickly and cost effectively.

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Augmented reality is the fastest growing technology sector of the 21st century.

Finding new ways to use an emerging technology is what we do; constantly testing and finding the limits of AR software and associated hardware.

The time we spend on R&D, building innovative solutions, arms us with hands-on knowledge that we can pass on to you.


We thrive on collaborations and love the way they unite individuals to form exceptional teams.

Shared learning between creative experts increases productivity and keep costs under control.

Contact us now if you're interested in collaborating; we'd love to hear from you.