Since 2009, Media Grand have specialised in the development of future technologies in the field of Augmented Reality; envisioning how innovative hardware, mobile computing and wearable technology can be combined to merge the physical world with the digital.

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AR is a highly visual technology that enhances your perspective on the world. Digital overlays contextualise every day objects and places, making them more dynamic and responsive. It is the future of digital visualisation.



AR is the innovation that links real and virtual world's, enabling real-time decision making, improved product prototyping, indoor navigation and new opportunities for a wide range of vertical markets.



AR stimulates the senses and delivers the 'wow-factor' every time. It develops longer attention spans and aids focus. It improves the retention of information, linking visual stimuli and cognitive awareness, making it a valuable tool for education.

Recent projects

Amex Offers AR Game

American Express integrates AR into exhibition space to draw crowds and deliver key brand messages through a series of fun puzzles. Clever stand design allowed for multiple players, doubling data capture and increasing brand connectivity.

Client: Clip Displays/American Express   Date: Mar 2016   Platform: iPad   Tracking: 2D

BAE Systems

Media Grand provided professional consultancy services to BAE Systems, looking at wearable technology, integrated AR systems and the possibilities currently available with existing AR technologies.

Client: BAE Systems   Date: Nov 2015   Platform: Epson Moverio BT-200   Tracking: 3D Object

Celesio AR Driving Game

The brief was to reduce space requirements at exhibitions using augmented reality. This was achieved by creating an AR version of their driving game which took up a tenth of the area, activated from a large wall mounted image.

Client: Clip Displays/Celesio   Date: Nov 2015   Platform: iPad   Tracking: 2D

Webexpenses AR Game

Tablet based AR shooting game as part of installation on client exhibition stand to promote the Webexpenses mobile app, draw prospects to the stand and gather contact data offline for ease of use.

Client: Clip Displays/Webexpenses   Date: May 2015   Platform: iPad   Tracking: 2D

GSMA Augmented Book

Augmented images in GSMA Case Study book, delivered using the Junaio AR Browser. Overlays provided animated videos, links to online content, downloadable PDF's, email contact and social sharing.

Client: Nearly Normal   Date: Feb 2015   Platform: Android, iOS   Tracking: 2D

All4-AR B2B 3D Viewer App

Hybrid (online/offline) B2B app to share 3D designs and products between designers, clients and sales teams. Delivers content from bespoke content management system.

Client: All4Design   Date: Mar 2015   Platform: Android, iOS   Tracking: 2D + SLAM

HP AR Product Maintenance

Product maintenance using smart-glasses makes even complex tasks easy with AR overlays and audible instruction. This proof-of-concept highlighted the potential of using AR for lesser skilled workers to carry out complex maintenance tasks, quickly and safely.

Client: Hewlett Packard   Date: Dec 2014   Platform: Epson Moverio BT-200   Tracking: 3D Object

'Connect More' Big-Screen AR Game

Big screen AR connect four style game for Association of Colleges 2014 annual conference. Players controlled the game play using reversed 2D tracking, a technique developed specifically for this game.

Client: Jisc   Date: Nov 2014   Platform: Windows   Tracking: 2D

SHU Nurse Training

Augmented medical training mannequins to aid student nurse training with real-life video overlays. Face tracking brought the technology up to date to make it quick and easy to set up in every environment.

Client: Sheffield Hallam University   Date: Jul 2014   Platform: Android, iOS   Tracking: Face

Wa'ad Al-Shammal AR Promotion

AR was used to promote the development of Wa'ad Al-Shammal, a new mineral mine in Saudi Arabia. The AR app worked in both Arabic and English and featured videos, photographs, links to document and a virtual guestbook.

Client: BME Global   Date: Feb 2014   Platform: Android, iOS   Tracking: 2D

SL-cgi AR Kitchen Designer

Trade show app for National Home Builders show in Las Vegas, demonstrates the use of AR to kitchen manufacturers with configurable units, worktops and accessories. A key feature of this app is the natural looking 3D content.

Client: Shadowlight Pikcells   Date: Feb 2014   Platform: iPad   Tracking: 2D

Aura Long Road

Property developer showcase showing 3D floor plans of houses currently in development which were launched from the development brochure. External building views, hotspots to load interior photographs and site plan made up the remaining content.

Client: Bluecube Studios   Date: Jan 2014   Platform: Android, iOS   Tracking: 2D

Aegir AR Exhibition Model

Augmented the scale model of Aegir replenishment vessel for use at exhibitions using 3D object tracking, a brand new technology at the time. AR overlays show flight crew, helicopter and Type 45 destroyer making up the scene.

Client: BMT Defence Services   Date: Aug 2012   Platform: iPad   Tracking: 3D Object

Discover Denbighshire AR App

Denbighshire County Council are using AR to promote tourism across the county, including videos of local people, historic photographs shown in the place they were taken some 100 years ago, and hundreds of points of interest. The content is managed via a bespoke content management system.

Client: Denbighshire County Council   Date: Jul 2012   Platform: Android, iOS   Tracking: Geolocation, 2D

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